Principals Welcome

Welcome to our school. It is my privilege to be Principal of Grovelands Primary School, a school that is committed to the “You Can Do It!” spirit as we aim to provide engaging and empowering experiences for our students. Our Business Plan articulates our constant drive for improvement and our specific focus on creating the right environmental conditions for students to experience success. My staff and I readily accept the challenges this brings.

Grovelands Primary school has serviced the Camillo community since 1979 and has a rich history as a central hub of the community. Our successful application by the community for Independent Public School Status in 2016 has reinforced the important role our school plays in our local area.

Our students are great young people with hopes, dreams and aspirations for success. They are capable, fun loving and dynamic young people who deserve the best we can provide for them as a school community.

Our staff are caring and resilient professionals who are committed to providing exceptional teaching whilst considering the needs of our students in all that they do. They are committed to our whole school approaches to attendance, literacy, numeracy, positive behaviour and intervention. Staff take pride in the relationships we build with our community and the partnerships we forge to benefit our students.

Our community has a strong connection to the school. They share our goal for the best outcomes for our students and always embrace opportunities for engagement in school events and celebrations. Our school has a strong, diverse and representative Board who are extremely supportive of the school’s strategic direction. Our P&C is a small but determined group of locals committed to supporting the school community.

As you examine the information on this website you will get a feel for what makes our school a great place. There is a commitment to and passion for ongoing growth and development that is quite special.

The information on this website is supplemented by the newsletters and other information we post on our School Connect App.

Mark Bradshaw